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    Financially Fit Progamme employs an online program that utilizes the LMS (Learning Management System) which entails lessons, instructional videos, audio, transcripts and community engagement to create tailor-made financial solutions for people from all walks of life. It is by these principles to learn, understand, and apply in their lives. As a financial literacy roadmap, Financially Fit offers principles and education in a curriculum, to help shape your perception and relationship with money and wealth.

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    Financially Fit for Life Seven Steps.

    STEP 1: Wealth Awakening

    After you have listed your needs, desires and dreams, you are ready to set your Wealth Goals. Break down your goals into immediate, short-range, mid-range and lifetime goals.

    STEP 2: Psychology of Wealth

    Understand the mindset that leads to financial success. Transform your thinking and pave the way for a wealthier life! by understanding the psychology of wealth.

    STEP 3: Cash Flow for Life

    Learn the art of sustainable income and ensure a lifetime of financial abundance. Join us on the path to financial freedom

    STEP 4: Secure for Life

    Explore strategies to safeguard your wealth and create a financial fortress. Take control of your financial destiny! Sign up today and get secure for life.
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    Frequently asked questions

    Steve Down's business acumen and entrepreneurial talent led to the founding of Financially Fit, a wealth education company. This site is dedicated to the mission of the Financially Fit company, why Steve Down founded the company and the type of lessons taught by the unique Learning Management System that forms the backbone of this organization.

    Financially fit for life. Is designed to change the way you think, feel and act-about-money, to empower you to achieve financial wealth and health in record  time.  Financially Fit World Limited is the global leader in personal wealth education and services-inspiring hope, vision, and direction for individuals, families, businesses, and nations - illuminating the planet through principle-centered wealth.The goal of this company is to teach you how to attain financial independence in the subsequent five years

    Financially fit for life is an interactive online programme that costs only Ksh1000 as a onetime subscription.

    Financially fit for life online programme goal is to inspire your heart in a way that can breathe new hope and energy into your life. Once you have a healthy wealth heart, you can live a life of wealth! During The Seven Steps, you will participate in exercises that can revolutionize your financial life. By doing the exercises, you can break the financial chains that are holding you in financial bondage. You will then be ready to achieve true wealth. An overview of The Seven Steps intensive financial workout is as follows: 

    Step 1: Wealth Awakening;

    Step 2: Psychology of Wealth;

    Step 3: Cash Flow for Life;

    Step 4: Secure for Life;

    Step 5: Debt Free for Life;

    Step 6: Wealth for Life;

    Step7: Living The Seven Steps.